Handicap Index, Tee Slope and Course Rating enable golfers of varying abilities playing at different courses to compete on a level playing field.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

Playing competitive golf at World League Golf is as easy 1, 2, 3!!

  1. Declare that you are playing your “competitive” round prior to playing. You may play with anyone, anytime and anywhere you like provided that prior to each “competitive” round, you make the following declarations at www.worldleagegolf.com
    • Date of play
    • Golf course name, slope & rating
    • World League playing partner
  2. Play Golf.
    • If your league requires it, play your declared competitive round with at least one other World League Golf member. This is required to help ensure honesty and integrity within the league.
    • Please play strict USGA rules all the way into the hole with no “mulligans” and no “gimmies”.
  3. Come back to www.worldleaguegolf.com to record your score! Your gross score should include every single stroke that you took to complete the round.

It’s as simple as that!
1. To level the playing field, everyone will be required to play to an established handicap index.
2. IF YOU DO already have an official handicap index, you may simply enter click “+Enter A Round” and input your current revised historical USGA established handicap index rounds one by one.
3. IF YOU DO NOT already carry a handicap index, click “+Enter A Round” and begin populating the site with as many rounds (prior year rounds will suffice) as possible between now and the start of the World League schedule. Your handicap index will begin to calculate after the first five (5) rounds are entered. The more rounds you submit, the better and more accurate you index will be. Please make sure your entries are from actual rounds played and that they are subject to equitable stroke control as defined on Equitable Stroke Control drop down below.
4. To establish your handicap index, you must submit at least five (5) 18-hole rounds prior to the start of the first competitive round of play (first round starts May 1). Like the USGA, at a minimum, your handicap index will be based on your single best round of your last five rounds. Also like the USGA, eventually, your index will be based on the lowest 10 of your rolling last 20 rounds. As you add rounds, your handicap index will be established as follows:

# of Rounds Submitted # of Rounds Used For HI
5-6 rounds Lowest 1
7-8 rounds Lowest 2
9-10 rounds Lowest 3
11-12 rounds Lowest 4
13-14 rounds Lowest 5
15-16 rounds Lowest 6
17 rounds Lowest 7
18 rounds Lowest 8
19 rounds Lowest 9
20 rounds Lowest 10

Like the USGA system, your handicap index should be established subject to Equitable Stoke Control (ESC) restrictions. See the Equitable Stroke Control tab for more information.
Like the USGA system, your handicap index should be established subject to Equitable Stoke Control (ESC) restrictions. That is to say, maximum scores for handicap ranges must be established as follows:

If your Course Handicap is: The Maximum Score you can take for any hole is:
0-9 Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 or more 10

If this is the first time you are establishing your handicap index, your maximum score for any hole can be no greater than 10. However, please use the corresponding max score that would apply for the category in which you most likely belong. Be honest!!
Provided that it is required by your league, the “Tee Designation by Index & Slope Rule” requires that a golfer play a golf course tee box with a slope minimum that corresponds to the handicap index of the golfer. The WLG system will not accept a competitive round score that is played from an insufficient golf course slope. The slope designation ranges are as follows:

Handicap Index Minimum Slope Rating
0 to 9.9 125 or Greater
10 to 19.9 120 or Greater
20+ 115 or Greater

All WLG leagues will be subject to the USGA “Stroke Play” scoring method. “Scoring” refers to whether gross, net or both methods of scoring will be applied in your league.

Gross Scoring is the comparison of the simple sum of all golf strokes taken during a round compared to the simple sum of all golf strokes taken by competitors in a round. Gross scoring is the basic comparison of what you “shot” versus what another golfer “shot” on any given day.

Net Scoring is the simple sum of all golf strokes taken during a round compared to their individual USGA “Target Score” calculated for each golfer for that round. Your Target Score = (Your Handicap Index X the Golf Course Slope / 113) + the Golf Course Rating. Net scoring compares how well each golfer played on a gross basis versus their own personal target score (e.g. a Gross Score of 93 and a Target Score of 95 would have the golfer at -2 for the round).

How to Win the World League:
  • Format: Single Round Tournament Style. A new competitive single play tournament/round will re-start every single month of the year, year round.
  • Eligibility: You are eligible to declare and play a World League round immediately upon establishing your Handicap Index on the WLG site, no matter how long it takes.
  • Ranking: You will receive a world league ranking every month that you declare and play a World League round.
  • Prizes: Every single month of the year the 1st place winners on a net and gross basis will win prizes.

Recommended Format for How to Win Your League
  • Format: 5 round league format plus 1 championship round
  • Eligibility: We recommend that you require players to establish a Handicap Index for net scoring competitions.
  • Ranking: Provided that you also designate participation in “The World League” above, you will be ranked against everyone in the field
  • Prizes:
    • Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Finishers on a Gross & Net Basis for each of the first five “competitive” rounds.
    • Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Finishers on a CUMULATIVE Net & Gross basis.
    • Winners of individual competitive rounds or cumulative scorning competition receive automatic bids to Championship.
    • Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Finishers on a Gross & Net Basis for the “championship” round.

You can customize the parameters for “How to Win” your own league however you choose. The previous recommendations are for a five round +championship golf league and are the basis for the Commissioner’s Premier League. All league commissioners will be required to manage the entry fees and distributions for their individual leagues outside of the World League Golf website. Contact info@worldleaguegolf.com for an example distribution schedule.